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Rust to Javascript compile of the Parity fork of the Zcash bn pairing cryptography library, implementing an efficient bilinear pairing on the Barreto-Naehrig (BN) curve.







Compilation process is based on this tutorial using Emscripten to compile the original Rust sources to asm.js (Wikipedia). This might be extended in the future to also include a WASM compiled version to choose from.

For basic setup follow the "Installing the Tools" section of the tutorial (make sure to use the incoming branch of emsdk).

For asm.js compilation asmjs-unknown-emscripten target has to be added with rustup:

rustup target add asmjs-unknown-emscripten

Compilation steps can be found in the makefile in the main directory and executed simply by running:


WASM (Experimental)

WASM files can be compiled with make wasm to the exp. This is just intended for experimentation working in browser only (not with Node.js) and not ready for production use!

Start a server with python -m SimpleHTTPServer and browse to http://localhost:8000/. You might have to modify the exp/index.html file to get things to work.


Unit tests can be found in the tests directory. Run the tests with:

npm run test

Additional Resources


Licensed under either of

at your option.

Copyright 2016 Zcash Electric Coin Company. The Zcash Company promises to maintain the "bn" crate on under this MIT/Apache-2.0 dual license.